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Full Laravel Spatie Permission Tutorial | Laravel 9 Tutorial

Hello, friends in this video we are going to make an admin panel with laravel permission package from spatie.
Full Laravel admin panel.
Hello Friends, in this video we are going to assign roles and permissions to users.

Laravel Admin Panel.
Laravel Tutorial.
Laravel 9 Tutorial.
Spatie role and permission.
Laravel permission.
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00:00:00 Setup Project
00:05:45 Create Role and User Seeder
00:14:08 Admin Layout
00:21:13 Add Sidebar
00:27:44 Create Role Index
00:35:48 Display Roles
00:46:20 Create New Role
00:58:39 Update Role
01:12:07 Delete Role
01:24:24 Assign Permissions
01:42:47 Assign Roles
01:55:02 Users Index
02:03:18 User Roles and Permissions
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