Wed Jan 2020 2 years ago

[FULL] Sunda Empire's Controversial Claim: Defeat Jack Ma to Get Members in the Pentagon

The Sunda Empire appeared not long after news of the Universal Palace emerged.

When it appeared in the media, Sunda Empire also caused a stir on social media.

The reason is, the followers of the Sunda Empire claim to be able to provide an imperial order that can unite the nation and provide peace to the world.

Sundanese officials admitted that they had an empire system that could regulate all complex international problems.

Uniquely, the Sunda Empire recognizes the Republic of Indonesia. Not only that, they also believe in Pancasila, and will implement a system based on Pancasila throughout the world.

The Sunda Empire claims to save the earth which will end on August 15 2020.

Since its inception, the Sunda Empire has often issued controversial statements.

They claim to be able to control missiles and nukes. Not only that, one of the top officials of the Sunda Empire also sparked various responses from the public.
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