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Flutter Tutorial For Beginners In 1 Hour - 2022

This is Flutter 3.0 (Dart) explained in 1 hour. This video is a complete flutter tutorial for beginners. You will learn all the basic widgets and how to make the work together. At the end of this flutter crash course (tutorial for beginners) you will be able to create simple apps with flutter. This beginner 1 hour course to learn flutter has been created by Flutter Mapp and we hope that you will learn a lot. This was how to learn flutter 3 and dart in 1 hour (Beginner tutorial Flutter)

Flutter courses (Beginner & Advanced):

Ctrl+b = Minimize/Maximize the Visual Studio Side Bar
Ctrl+j = Minimize/Maximize the Console
Alt+Shift+f = Format Document (Structure the code and make sure to add commas)
Refactor (Right Click) = Wrap with a Widget

0:00 Flutter tutorial for beginners in 1 hour
0:10 What we will build
0:35 Extensions
1:57 StatelessWidget
2:47 Hot Reload VS Restart
3:27 MaterialApp
4:14 Scaffold
5:05 const
5:39 StatefulWidget
7:16 AppBar Widget
8:09 ThemeData
9:04 Colors
9:44 debugShowCheckedModeBanner
10:28 AppBar title
11:10 Text Widget
11:46 FloatingActionButton Widget
12:27 Empty Function
13:59 Icon Widget
14:36 debugPrint
15:51 Create a variable
16:37 NavigationBar Widget
17:52 Solve the red screen
19:31 setState
20:51 Create new files
22:22 Center Widget
22:33 ElevatedButton Widget
24:00 Navigator push (Add Screen Over)
25:52 AppBar leadeing
27:30 Navigator pop (Remove Screen)
28:34 Column Widget
29:07 Image.asset Widget
31:07 Divider Widget
31:34 SizedBox Widget
32:23 Container Widget
33:48 TextStyle
34:29 double.infinity
34:43 Refactor
35:26 Container margin & padding
36:22 ElevatedButton Widget
37:48 OutlinedButton Widget
38:11 TextButton Widget
38:37 Row Widget
41:30 GestureDetector Widget
43:27 Switch Widget
46:11 Buttons style
36:39 Conditions ? :
47:16 Checkbox Widget
48:20 Nullable Variable
49:38 Widget
50:42 SingleChildScrollView Widget
51:18 AppBar actions
51:32 IconButton
53:51 Create a List of Widgets
54:40 Select and item from a List
55:23 ListView.builder Widget
55:56 ListTile Widget
59:17 Next Steps

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