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Latest Indonesian film 2019 Love is blind full movie

Diah is a woman from Indonesia who works in South Korea.

He works as a tour guide and lives in Gamcheon Village, Busan City.

After living in South Korea for a long time, Diah has experienced the bitterness and sweetness of life in South Korea.

She is also dating a photographer named Jun-Ho (Chae In Woo).

Jun-Ho is a native Korean, and they are even engaged.

Diah then discovered the bitter reality.

One day he received a letter to meet someone at a fancy restaurant.

It turns out that there, Diah discovered that her fiancé Jun-Ho was having an affair with Sandra (Gemilang Shinatria).

Having fallen down the stairs, stress about her relationship with Jun-Ho makes Diah sick.

He eventually experienced visual impairment.

Diah then meets Nik (Dodit Mulyanto), Diah's next door neighbor.

In the midst of Diah's efforts to forget the pain of being abandoned by Jun-Ho.

Nik's presence begins to change Diah.

He found things that he had never found in his love.

With Nik's simple style and thick Javanese accent.

Making Diah slowly forget the pain.

But then Jun-Ho reappeared in the middle of Diah and Nik.

Diah, who couldn't see at that time, didn't know what Nik's face looked like.

What if Diah's vision returns and she meets Nik?
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