andriajah Wed Dec 2019 2 years ago

Latest Indonesian Horror Film "Main Shaman"

What a surprise to Layla, when the spirit of Grandma Santet, who was imprisoned in an antique mirror that she wanted to steal, appeared. The spirit of the black magic grandmother offers Layla the knowledge of eternal youth if she is willing to free the spirit of the black magic grandmother from inside the mirror. Layla happily accepted the offer.

Several years later, Layla, who became Eko's mistress, to keep herself young and beautiful, routinely every full moon, Layla performed a black magic ritual taught to her by her black magic grandmother, a ritual that required a virgin victim to absorb her virginity.

Like Layla, Riana, Layla's daughter, also likes to have relationships with shamans, with the aim of making her mediocre face always look stunningly beautiful. Riana, who is arrogant and dominant, feels rivaled by Tiara, who is naturally beautiful and always seems elegant, so Riana and her friends always act out on Tiara.

One day, Layla wanted to prey on Royan, Tiara's best friend, Layla didn't realize that she was falling into a trap because it turned out that Royan was the son of the museum owner where he had once stolen the witchcraft grandmother's magic mirror.