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Edy Mulyadi Hina Prabowo Says He's Like a Meowing Tiger, Here's the Response of the Chairman of the Gerindra Party

MANADO, KOMPAS.TV - Chairman of the DPD Gerindra North Sulawesi reported a man named Edy Mulyadi who was accused of insulting the General Chairman of Gerindra, Prabowo Subianto.

This report follows the emergence of a video containing Edy Mulyadi's statement on social media.

General Chairperson of the North Sulawesi Gerindra DPD, Conny Lolyta Rumondor, assessed that the statement contained elements of insult and slander against Prabowo.

Gerindra North Sulawesi management reported Edy on Friday (21/1/2022) on suspicion of committing hate speech via social media.

Meanwhile, the North Sulawesi Regional Police through the Head of Public Relations, Kombes Jules A Abast, told Kompas TV that it was true that at the North Sulawesi Regional Police's Integrated Police Service Center, an alleged crime of hate speech had been reported on social media.

This incident was allegedly carried out by the reported party on behalf of EM's brother from Jakarta.

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Deputy General Chair of the Gerindra Party, Habiburorkhman, said that Prabowo Subianto and his younger brother, Hashim Djoyohadikusumo, had absolutely no personal interests regarding the development of the new national capital.

In a viral video, Edy said that Prabowo's younger brother, Hashim Djoyohadikusumo, has an interest in IKN because he owns a number of lands at the new capital project location.

Habiburokhman said that Prabowo was not angry regarding Edy Mulyadi's statement which insulted the Minister of Defense.

Not only about the alleged insult to Prabowo, Edy Mulyadi's statement which allegedly insulted East Kalimantan regarding the nation's capital was criticized by students and traditional leaders.

Regarding Edy Mulyadi's statement on the YouTube image sharing channel, the President of BEM Mulawarma University asked the people in East Kalimantan not to be provoked.

Apart from students, criticism also came from the General Chair of the Kalimantan Indigenous Tribes Association, Surfani Sulaiman, reminding Edi Mulyadi to immediately withdraw his statement.

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