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Documentary of the atmosphere in Jakarta during Indonesia's anniversary in 1965 - Indonesia in the past

Documentation of the atmosphere of the city of Jakarta and various community activities in commemoration of the 20th Indonesian Independence Day in 1965. There was also a parade of various mass organizations and political parties, especially from the Indonesian Communist Party (banned since the events of 30 September/1 October 1965) and the Indonesian National Party.

Various typical buildings and monuments displayed include the National Museum, National Monument, Al Ahzar Great Mosque, Cathedral Church, West Irian Liberation Monument, Tani Monument, as well as the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout and Welcome Monument.

The video was documented by a reporter from the Soviet Union who was assigned to capture various activities and developments in Jakarta, considering that at that time Indonesia was in close relations with one of the superpowers which disbanded in 1991.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date: Circa August 17, 1965

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