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Arrested by Police, Sugi Nur's Child: Picked Up by Around Five Cars

MALANG, KOMPAS.TV - Sugi Nur's son confirmed that his father was picked up by 30 police officers from Bareskrim at his house in the Pakis area, Malang, East Java, Saturday (24/10/2020) early this morning.

"Gus Nur left here. The details were that he was picked up by four or five cars and immediately came here, immediately handed over an arrest warrant, a search warrant, a search was immediately carried out," explained Muhammad Munjiat, Sugi Nur's second son.

Sugi Nur was arrested on suspicion of insulting and hate speech on social media.

After being arrested, Sugi Nur Rahardja was immediately taken by Bareskrim Polri investigators to Jakarta.

After Sugi Nur was arrested, a number of police investigators brought the arrest file for the family to sign.

Sugi Nur was arrested after being reported for his statements in a video which allegedly spread hate speech and insulted NU.

As a reporter, the Nahdlatul Ulama Jember branch management positively appreciated the police's steps in arresting Sugi Nur Rahardja.

The legal process regarding reports of alleged spread of NU's hate speech and insults against the reported Sugi Nur is considered to be able to provide a deterrent effect.

Sugi Nur Rahardja who immediately underwent a swab test at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

Covid-19 examination is part of the Standard Operating Procedure or S-O-P.

Bareskrim requires suspects who will undergo examination at Bareskrim Polri to have their health checked.
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