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Allegedly trapped in Sby's political show, Jokowi volunteers urge the president to remove Moeldoko

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV General Chair of Jokowi Mania Volunteers Immanuel Ebenezer or Noel explained that SBY has expertise in playing the role of victim.

"SBY has expertise in playing the role of playing victim," said Noel, Sunday (7/3)

He analyzed that Moeldoko was suspected of being trapped in the political designs of the Chairman of the Democratic Party's High Council, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

However, Noel believes that Moeldoko is inconsistent in addressing the issue of taking over the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The rejection he conveyed at the beginning was not reflected when he contributed to the Democrat KLB in North Sumatra and was appointed as General Chair of the Deli Serdang Democrat KLB.

According to Noel, this will be detrimental to the Jokowi government which has always firmly rejected political party intervention by its cabinet and Jokowi deserves to remove the Head of KSP Moeldoko because of the Democrat KLB case.

"We really regret such methods. Mr. Moeldoko would be better off if he stepped down so as not to drag on the name of Mr. Jokowi, who from the start strictly forbade meddling in political party affairs," said Noel.

Noel said that Moeldoko's attitude would be a bad legacy for Jokowi and detrimental to Jokowi's last government.

"Moeldoko's behavior is very detrimental to the last Jokowi government and is a danger to democracy, so I only think the president has an obligation to remove Moeldoko," said Noeal

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