andriajah Sat May 2020 1 year ago

Netizens are considered insulting medical personnel on social media

JEMBER, KOMPAS.TV - A number of administrators of the Indonesian National Nurses Association in Jember, East Java, reported a netizen regarding comments and statuses on social media which were deemed to be insulting and insulting to the nursing profession.

This report was carried out by PPNI representatives, at the Jember Police Headquarters, on Friday (22/5/2020) afternoon.

They reported a netizen named Andreas P.W, from Padomasan Village, Jombang District, Jember, East Java for allegedly committing hate speech.

In his Facebook account, Andreas P.W wrote about the viral hashtag #IndonesiaIt's up to him, accompanied by words that were considered insulting to the profession of medical personnel.

Even though Andreas has apologized publicly and deleted his writings and comments on his social media accounts, PPNI Jember is continuing to take legal action.

"All of our friends are sad every day, due to this pandemic. We grieve every day. So when there are sentences that don't respect our profession, it's very hurtful," said Dwi Ismail, Head of the Legal Division of PPNI Jember.