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Seconds: Angkot Driver Desperately Breaks Through Train Barriers And Kills 5 Passengers

MEDAN, KOMPAS.TV - Desperate to break through the gate, a city transport was hit by the Sri Lelawangsa train from Binjai to Medan at the Jalan Sekip railway crossing, Medan, North Sumatra on Saturday (4/12/2021) afternoon.

From the amateur video, the public transportation was recorded trying to overtake the passing train by trying to break through the door barrier.

However, unfortunate accidents are inevitable.

We were forced to edit the image because it caused horror.

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5 passengers died at the location, 4 passengers were critical, and 2 others survived, including the public transportation driver.

Knowing the train was coming, the public transportation driver had time to get out before the collision occurred.

However, residents immediately chased and secured the driver at the crossing gate post.

The public transportation driver was almost attacked by residents when he was about to be taken to the police station, so the officers were forced to fire warning shots.

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