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Seconds from the Democratic Faction Walking Out of the Plenary Meeting Ratifying the Job Creation Bill

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV The Democratic Party faction decided to walk out of the Plenary Meeting regarding the ratification of the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/10/2020)

This started when Deputy Chairman Azis Syamsuddin said that all factions had conveyed their stance regarding the Job Creation Bill.

When he was about to invite the Government to speak, Benny from the Democratic Faction interrupted him.

Azis, as chairman of the meeting, did not give Benny the opportunity to speak because according to him, each faction had been given the opportunity to express their position.

"Later Mr Benny, after me," said Azis.

"Please give us a chance before continuing," replied Benny.

Then, Azis emphasized that if Benny continued to insist on interrupting, he would be expelled from the Plenary Meeting.

"Later you will be expelled from the meeting," said Azis.

When it became heated and the Democratic faction was never given the opportunity, the Democratic faction declared a walk out of the session.

"We, the Democratic Party Fraction, have declared a walk out and are not taking responsibility," said DPR member from the Democratic Party Fraction, Benny K Harman, at the Plenary Meeting.
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