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Moeldoko's Democratic Party apologizes to the public and Jokowi for causing a commotion

BOGOR, KOMPAS.TV Moeldoko's Democrat Party apologized to President Jokowi and the Indonesian people for causing a commotion.

This was conveyed by the Spokesperson for the Democratic Party, Moeldoko M Rakhmad, at a press conference in Hambalang, Bogor, West Java on Thursday (25/3)

Rakhmad said that this commotion occurred because of a misleading narrative from the Democrat AHY and SBY camps

"SBY and AHY, through their spokesmen, have built misleading narratives, including accusing President Jokowi's government or the palace of being involved; accusing Mr. Moeldoko of buying the Democratic Party so that SBY said in his statement that the Democratic Party was not for sale; accusing a coup against the Party of being carried out "outsiders; and other accusations that are completely baseless. SBY and AHY have also played the victim, as if they were the wronged parties and portrayed themselves to the wider community that Democrats and democracy must be saved," said Rakhmad.

Rakhmad also conveyed SBY and AHY's irresponsible ways of causing commotion and unrest in society. For this reason, on behalf of the Democrats, the Moeldoko camp expressed an apology to President Jokowi and the public for the commotion caused.

"These irresponsible statements and methods have really caused commotion and unrest in society, at a time when we and President Jokowi's government are serious about overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to rebuild the foundations of the national economy. ," said Rakhmad

"The Central Leadership Council of the Democratic Party expresses its deepest apologies to the Indonesian people and to President Jokowi's government for the commotion and unrest that should not have occurred," said Rakhmad.

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