Fri Jan 2020 2 years ago

Complete User Registration system using PHP and MySQL database

In this video, we build a system in which users can register their accounts on our system by providing their username, email and password and have it stored in a MySQL database. Later on, after signing up, users can log into the application providing their username and password.

- Unique Email Validation
- Email verification via email on localhost
- Use of prepared SQL statement to make the system more secure
- Enhanced password encryption
- Password reset (coming soon...)

This video is a re-upload. YouTube took down my video because of mistaken copyright claims. I reached out to the claimant and she admitted YouTube had inadvertently taken down my video alongside other videos she had reported for copyright infringement. She, however, refused to appeal to YouTube to reinstate my video for fear that YouTube might simultaneously reinstate the other videos that violated her copyrights. Nevertheless, she assured me that she wouldn't protest if I re-uploaded the video since it did not violate her copyright.
For some reason, when I reached out to YouTube with a counter notification, YouTube refused to assist me in reinstating my video even after it had been vindicated.
I am therefore going to re-uploading since the copyright claimant has vindicated the video and given me green lights to upload the video.

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