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BPOM approved Stamina Coffee:

Efficacious in increasing sexual response, helping stamina & vitality, and improving blood circulation. Suitable for drinking by adult men and ideal for enjoying when relaxing or resting at home. Not recommended for use in people with hypertension and diabetes.

Ingredients: Sugar, ginseng powder, vegetable creamer, instant coffee, and natural identical flavors

Limmit Ginseng Stamina Coffee for Men [1 SACHET]
Limmit Neo Coffee - Premium Coffee For Men

Feel the pleasure of LIMMIT NEO PREMIUM COFFEE
gives satisfaction to you and your partner, making your romantic time full of passion and unforgettable intimacy.

Benefits of consuming 1 sachet a day:
1. Helps improve SEQUAL RESPONSE
3. Helps improve blood circulation

LIMMIT NEO COFFEE PREMIUM is made from natural extracts, namely high quality Ginseng mixed with selected coffee beans, sugar and creamer of the best quality.

Ginseng is known as the "King of Herbs" which inhibits premature aging. The main element in Ginseng is Ginseng saponin. It is useful for increasing body endurance, improving health, improving blood circulation, preventing aches and fatigue, slowing down aging, and neutralizing toxins or poisons in the body. body.

TRUSTED EFFECTIVE! Prove it to your partner.

Coffee, Radix Ginseng, Sugar and Creamer.

How to use :
To maintain health, consume 1 sachet every day, maximum consumption is 2 sachets a day.

Serving method :
Pour 1 sachet into a glass, pour 150 ml of warm water, stir until smooth.

BPOM RI MD 867031008127
Net Weight: 20 grams

Produced by: PT. Mandiri Jatama Agung
Tangerang 15520 Indonesia
Distributed by: Pekanbaru

For sufferers of high blood pressure, heart problems,

And strokes are consulted first with an expert or doctor.

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