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Cara Pasang Media Converter Fiber Optic (fo) || Htb-3100 A & B Netlink

Video tutorial on how to use Media Convertor FO or HTB to connect a LAN cable to the FO from the Mikrotik Server and from the Fiber Optic cable to the LAN on the client.

Especially for beginners from beginners.

Here, BILHANET is simulated using a pair of netLINK HTB 3100 A and HTB-3100 B. For the FO cable, I used a patch cord (precon), then used the SC/UPC FO Adapter to connect the two FO connectors into one.

This also applies to the meaning of the indicator light on the netLINK HTB-3100 A / B, when the FX light is off or the TX light is off, it does not turn on.

Please watch the video, please correct me if there is something wrong...

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