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Easy Ways to Overcome Cell Phones That Won't Charge

Cell Phone Won't Charge? Overcome it this way

A cellphone that won't charge or recharge is often a problem. We often find cellphones that won't charge when plugged into a cable. Don't panic, here's how to deal with it:

Replace power source
Maybe the problem is not with your phone. It is possible that the electricity source in your place is damaged. Try looking for another plug to prove it. You can also try charging your cellphone on the computer.

Check the data cable
The data cable or charger cable may also be the source of the problem. Due to frequent use, this cable is susceptible to damage. Try replacing it with another data cable or charger cable that fits your cellphone.

Turn off your cell phone
Try to charge the cellphone when it is off. It could be that your battery has run out of power and has no power left at all. For a faster charge, the cellphone needs to be turned off first.

Check the USB socket
If your cable and adapter are fine, try checking the USB socket. Pay attention to the metal connector inside. Is it a little crooked? To fix it, you have to turn off your phone. Remove the battery if it can be removed. Then fix the metal connector with tweezers or another object that can reach it. Be careful when doing this.

Change the battery
If your cellphone battery is removable, try replacing it with a new one. If you can't open the battery, it's time to replace the cellphone with a new one.

Download the Ampere application
The Ampere application is the most suitable application for seeing the recharge capacity of a cellphone battery. In this application, you can see how much power comes in when you charge your cellphone battery.

If the color shown is green, it means electrical power is flowing. If the color is orange, it means the battery is low.
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