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How to change WhatsApp background with photos 😲 WA photo wallpaper

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WhatsApp mods application
Link πŸ‘‰ http://www.mediafire.com/file/8ue6yx81m7xfhdz/Fouad.Whatsv7.81_By_FouadMODS.apk/file

An easy way to change the WhatsApp background image with your own photo without additional applications - Below I will explain an easy way to change the WhatsApp background image very easily without the need to download additional applications. Because what I will explain here is how to use WhatsApp features which can be said to be hidden and rarely known by other people. So this is a built-in feature in WhatsApp.

However, please note that changing the background on WhatsApp will only affect the background on the chat page. So when we have a conversation the background will change while other pages or other sections such as the contact page, the status page will still remain the same. At least until now the only display that can be changed is the background display when chatting.

Indeed, there is a way to change the appearance of the WhatsApp theme according to our wishes, but it requires an additional application and the process is quite complicated. For those of you who like Android operations, you might get used to it, but for those of you who aren't used to it, it will definitely be a bit difficult.

I think the simple method that I will explain is quite interesting for those of you who are lazy about making changes because we can change the background with our own photo, with colors according to our wishes or with other displays that WhatsApp has provided. And just below, I will explain how to change the WhatsApp background with your own photo without needing the help of additional applications.

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