andriajah Wed May 2020 2 years ago

How to Live Stream Using a Mirrorless Camera on YouTube or Facebook

This time I will provide a tutorial on how to do live streaming using a mirrorless camera to YouTube or Facebook easily and completely.

Tools used :
- Capture Card Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle
- Sony A5100 Mirrorless Camera
- Asus laptops
- HDMI cable
- Internet Modem
- OBS Software

In this video, I will also answer several questions that have been asked via Instagram @batamkameracom

Discussion includes:
- The tool used for live streaming uses a mirrorless camera
- Software used for live broadcasts using cameras
- Mirrorless camera type that can live streaming
- Connect a mirrorless camera to a laptop for live streaming
- Tips for live streaming using a Sony mirrorless camera so it doesn't overheat
- Bitrate settings for live YouTube streaming
- Live streaming internet speed

Additional info:
- Recommended YouTube live streaming bitrate:

Live Streaming Results on Fb:

Instagram :
Facebook :

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