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How to Install Chrome Os on a Laptop or PC Complete Step By Step! Without Windows 11 Dual Boot Flashdisk

Hello... Assalamualaikum..
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In this video, we will share with you how to install Chrome OS without a flash disk and Linux Mint Step By Step.

Download the material here:
Chrome OS Image:
Brunch :
Grub2Win :
Grub2Win Script:

WSL link if Ubuntu error:

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If you use Nvme SDA, replace nvme0n1pX with the letter X, which partition to replace

Time Stamp:
00:00 Intro MUST WATCH!
01:25 Download the ingredients
03:40 Create Partition For Chrome OS
06:06 Copy the Materials to the New Partition
06:45 Activating LINUX Subsystem
07:27 Download Ubuntu
07:52 Resolving Ubuntu Error
08:16 Login Ubuntu
08:58 Start installing Chrome OS
14:10 Dualboot Settings With Grub2Win
17:15 Log in to Chrome OS
17:38 Closing & PRAYER

Command / Script :
1. cd /mnt/"directory"
2. ls
3. sudo tar zxvf "brunch filename"
4. sudo apt-get install cgpt
5. sudo apt install ./"name of the cpgt file"
6. sudo apt-get install pv
7. sudo bash -src "chrome os image file name" -dst chromeos.img -s 48

Hopefully this is useful guys!

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