ahmadajah03 Sun Sep 2021 1 year ago

Build A Calculator With Javascript Tutorial

Projects are the best way to learn JavaScript, and a calculator is one of the best projects to choose. A calculator covers all the complex interactions with UI and JavaScript while still being simple enough for people of any skill level.

In this video I will walk you through the steps it takes to build a completely modern calculator using JavaScript best practices. If you want to learn JavaScript or improve your JavaScript skill this is a must do project.

📚 Materials:

Code: https://github.com/WebDevSimplified/Vanilla-JavaScript-Calculator

🧠 Concepts Covered:

- How to use ES6 classes to organize code
- How to sync JavaScript code with a UI
- CSS Grid
- Flexbox
- The best way to cleanly handle user input
- How to debug complicated edge cases

🌎 Find Me Here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevSimplified
GitHub: https://github.com/WebDevSimplified
CodePen: https://codepen.io/WebDevSimplified

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