Sun Jan 2020 2 years ago

What Should the Indonesian Government's Attitude towards Natuna be?

How should the Indonesian government behave towards the Natuna Islands?
According to Connie Rahakundini, Defense and Military Observer, what should not happen is that State Officials have different attitudes in responding to this matter.

The legal basis for the Natuna issue for Indonesia is actually very clear, as has been declared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, what is not yet clear is our attitude regarding how to manage our maritime affairs.

In general, Indonesia should be a player country in the sense that we should be able to perform and patrol regularly, not only when this incident occurs, everyone is mobilized to defend Natuna.
When we talk about the world's maritime axis, it is not just the maritime axis, but also includes the aerospace axis and the world's surface axis.

Apart from that, now we need to be able to activate ASEAN. ASEAN has Political and Security Pillars (Pillars Political and Security Community), the results must be more concrete and carried out together with ASEAN countries, for example joint Patrols or joint Coast Guards.
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