ahmadajah03 Wed Mar 2020 2 years ago

US Begins Corona Vaccine Trials on Humans

UNITED STATES, KOMPAS.TV - The United States has begun testing a coronavirus vaccine on humans.

The trial involved 45 people who were injected with the vaccine at a research facility in Seattle.

This is the first human trial of a coronavirus vaccine.

However, experts say it will take months to prove whether the vaccine will work well.

If the trial is successful, it will still take a year to 18 months before the vaccine can be widely used.

The vaccine being tested was developed by scientists from the United States National Institute of Health and a biotechnology company from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The way this vaccine works begins with a sequence of molecules that give messages to cells to build antigens against certain diseases.

Once produced in the body, this antigen is able to be recognized by the immune system and prepares it to fight the virus.

This vaccine was given to volunteers in two different doses.

The second dose will be given one month after the first dose.

After the injection, scientists will check the side effects as well as the volunteers' blood samples.

To ensure this vaccine can improve the body's immune system.

"I really hope that this vaccine trial can be successful, and the vaccine can be widely used by the public and available to everyone," said Rebecca Sirull, one of the volunteers for the corona virus vaccine.
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