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Artist Andrea Dian Bimo Announces Positive for Corona Covid 19 Virus, Tells the Chronology

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - On Sunday (22/3/2020), Andrea Dian Bimo shared a photo on her personal Instagram account.

In his upload, he wrote that he was positively infected with Covid-19.

He uploaded a selfie photo wearing a mask at a hospital.

In the upload, he admitted that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He also wrote, through his upload, that he wanted the people closest to him and the people he loves as well as people who recently met him to care more about themselves.

He also asked them to take preventive measures before the Corona virus spreads further.

He also explained the symptoms he felt.

On Friday (13/3/2020) he had a fever and was taken to a private hospital.

Initially he was diagnosed with dengue fever and immediately hospitalized.

Then on (15/3/2020) he admitted that his condition had improved.

However, because he was worried, he asked for a thorax and influenza check, the results were negative.

Then during a lung scan, spots were found on the right and left lungs.

On (16/3/2020), he did a swab check and on (18/3/2020) he tested positive for Covid-19.

That same night he was transferred to a referral hospital for the Corona Virus for isolation.

This upload received many responses from netizens, including other artist friends such as Ussy, Wulan Guritno, Darius and many more.

They prayed for Andrea's recovery and gave him encouragement.

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