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Andre Rosiade was reported to the police regarding the raid on prostitutes in Padang

PADANG, KOMPAS.TV - Friends, the action of a member of Commission VI, DPR from the Gerindra faction, Andre Rosiade, in raiding commercial sex workers in Padang, West Sumatra, has sparked controversy.

Andre is suspected of violating his duties and authority as a member of the DPR.

Alleged ethical violations are stalking Andre.

This statement by the deputy chairman of the Gerindra party advisory board came after at the end of January, one of his party cadres, Andre Rosiade, raided commercial sex workers at a hotel in Padang, West Sumatra, which is his electoral district.

In fact, Andre has now served as a member of Commission VI of the DPR.

The encouragement to Andre not only came from the Deputy Chair of the Gerindra Party Advisory Board, but also from the general deputy chair.

Andre Rosiade will soon be asked for clarification regarding the hotel room booking receipt, the location of the raid, in his name, which is circulating on social media.

Andre is even threatened with losing the blessing of the Gerindra Party to run as a candidate for governor of West Sumatra.

The DPR Council's Honorary Court is also ready to process Andre Rosiade as soon as a report is received.

Meanwhile, the application for suspension of detention submitted by NN, a prostitute who is a suspect in online prostitution, who was raided by Andre Rosiade, was approved by the police, because the suspect still has a one year old child.

The police have named two suspects, namely NN, and her pimp, AS, who were charged under the electronic information and transactions law.
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