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Andika Mahesa Ft Dodhy - Farewell to Go (Official Music Video)

Andika Mahesa ft Dodhy // Kangen Band - Farewell (Official Music Video)

Title: Say Goodbye
Artist: Andika Mahesa ft Dodhy
Composer: Dodhy Kangen Band
Lyrics : Dodhy
Arrangements by Stefano
Mixed & Mastered by Stefano
Video Clip by Radit Project
Keyboard by Adi VirSO

Lyrics of the song Say Goodbye

Tired of heart Accompanying yourself
But I resigned myself to being strong
Even though I fell, I forced myself to stand up
So that you don't leave

Gradually I couldn't stand it
Your attitude is really hurtful
My heart gives you revenge for your betrayal
It's bitter that I get

Heart hurt..you are the one who hurt him
Heart hurt..You're the one who hurt him

I have to say goodbye
Because he was hurt
My love you lie
You broke your promise

I have to leave you
Because my heart is disappointed
You played with my heart
Your attitude is really too

Don't meet me..uuu
Don't meet me..ooo

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