Mon Jan 2020 2 years ago

High School Kid Killed by Robber in Malang Sentenced to Life in Prison

The case of ZA, a high school student in Malang who killed a robber because he was protecting his girlfriend who was about to be raped, was charged under Article 340 of the Criminal Code regarding premeditated murder.

This case attracted public attention until the Acting Head of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency or BPIP, Hariyono, also visited the defendant.

The following is also a documentary photo of Acting Head of BPIP Hariyono who visited defendant ZA at his house in Malang, East Java.

The Acting Head of BPIP wants to know directly what happened to this high school teenager, which resulted in him being charged with premeditated murder.

Previously, ZA was charged with premeditated murder which carries a life sentence.

In fact, the exception attempt made by ZA's attorney was rejected by the panel of judges.

The stabbing case committed by ZA occurred in September 2019.

The real perpetrator was the victim of a robbery committed by the victim and his accomplice.

ZA only attempted self-defense and stabbed the victim with a knife.

The knife used was also a knife for school craft activities which was still in the motorbike seat.
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