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The reason why the police confiscated the 1812 FPI Action Command Car

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Police confiscated the FPI command car used in the 1812 action at the Horse Statue Roundabout, Central Jakarta on Friday (18/12/2020).

The police confiscated this command car because it was suspected of being used for provocation.

"There is a car which they usually call a command car which we have secured. So every demonstration there is a provocation and they provide a special car, not an ambulance. So they use it as a material to convey their opinions," said Police Commissioner Yusri Yunus, Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya at Monas, Central Jakarta (18/12/2020).

After being towed to the Monas area, Central Jakarta, the command car was taken to Polda Metro Jaya.

Apart from the command car, the police also secured an ambulance and a minibus containing food and drinks for the logistical needs of the 1812 demonstration on Friday (18/12/2020).

Apart from food and soft drinks, the police also found a stretcher in the ambulance.
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