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The Reason Why I Speak Indonesian on This Channel

Hey guys! In this video I will answer a question that is quite often asked in the comments, that's why I speak Indonesian on this channel.

For me, YouTube is not just a hobby, it's a business too. And even though I do earn income from YouTube, because my audience is Indonesian, my income is much smaller than if my audience was American.

So if my reason for being a YouTuber is just to make money, I will definitely focus on English channels. But I have several reasons that make me keep making videos in Indonesian.

Initially my channel was in English.

Most of my subscribers are from Indonesia, and they ask me to make videos in Indonesian.

I tried that, and my channel grew and I decided to keep making videos in Indonesian.

Now I'm in America. I want to keep making videos in the language so I can maintain my Indonesian language. It's been almost 2 years since I moved to America and although my skills have definitely diminished I know I'm still much better than if I didn't make videos in the language.

Through this channel I feel like I can still have a connection to Indonesia even though I'm in the US.

My father used to have an Indonesian language channel that he used to practice his language. It turns out Indonesian people really like it. When we go out for a walk at the mall, we often meet people who know us from YouTube. And even though we're not famous like artists, I think it's cool to be "famous" a little like that in Indonesia.

Thank you for watching this video! Until the next video! Da!
~ Sarah 💗

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