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Experiencing a brain hemorrhage, Comedian Tukul Arwana was rushed to hospital

KOMPAS.TV - Comedian Tukul Arwana was rushed to the National Brain Center Hospital after being diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage.

When met at the hospital, one of Tukul's children, Ega Prayudi, said that his father had been taken since Wednesday (22/09) evening after complaining of pain in his head.

Tukul was then taken to the Brain Hospital, Cawang, East Jakarta at around 19:00 WIB.

Currently Tukul Arowana is in good condition, the family is asking the community for prayers for Tukul Arowana's recovery.

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Tukul's son, Ega Prayudi, admitted that so far his father had no history of certain illnesses.

He also managed to communicate with his father on Wednesday night.

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The family said that currently Tukul Arowana is still conscious but is still receiving intensive care from the hospital.

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