Thu Jan 2020 2 years ago

Tangerang-Jakarta access is cut off, Ciledug Indah is heavily flooded, many cars are swept away

Report from journalist, Ega Alfreda

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM, CILEDUG - One of several roads connecting Tangerang City with Jakarta was completely paralyzed due to being submerged in high flood waters.

As happened on Jalan Raya KH. Hasyim Ashari's streets were flooded at least one meter.

High rainfall on New Year's Eve caused the water from the Angke River to exceed the embankment and overflow into Halan Raya KH Hasyim Ashari.

Precisely in front of the Ciledug Indah Housing Complex, Pedurenan Village, Karang Tengah District, Tangerang City, the water level on the main road reached one meter high.

A number of motorized vehicles trying to pass also broke down because they were unable to break through the high water that covered the road, causing traffic jams.

In fact, several cars were observed to be submerged in flood waters until the water filled the entire contents of the car.
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