andriajah Sat May 2020 2 years ago

Oh, A Thousand Times Dear Climate || Cover By Elshinta Warouw

Hello friends, according to the most riques
We are nostalgic again with Malaysian songs
Popular in the ears of 90s children
This song was popularized by one of the Malaysian musicians IKLIM saleem
Am I guilty?
Had to let go
Your fragile love
The branches are dry and worn out
Which finally broke
Crashed screaming
Oh, how heartbreaking
I can't imagine

A thousand times dear
I think I'm dead
Our love story
Apparently for a moment
After giving up
After you whisper
A bunch of promises
Surprised you denied it

What really happened
Until you act like that?
While you really believe
My love is undivided

Alas, I can't remember
All have shown your love is a joke
Come and disappear to your heart's content
That's your philosophy of love
But you have to remember
Which heart
Be patient forever, right?


COVER BY : Elshinta Warouw

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