Wed Dec 2019 2 years ago

Adit & Sopo Jarwo | E162: Tut.. Tut.. Who Wants to Come!

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That afternoon the children of Karet Berkah village were playing on the basketball court near Adit's house. They played a train game which made them look very happy, Dennis was the train leader and the other children were the train carriages. Adel was very happy at that time, on his brother's lap, Adel had his own fantasies, in his mind Adel fantasized that he was on a real train, the train was taking Adel with Adit and his friends around Jakarta. Seeing the beauty of the metropolitan city, seeing the National Monument or Monas, passing Cikini station and finally they were taken to the very beautiful mountainous areas of Indonesia.

In the middle of the road, the children's train met Pak Annas and Mamat, the children shouted at the two of them not to get in the way of the train. Mr. Annas and Mamat just smiled at the children's behavior. Apart from that, there was a lot of fun when the children from Karet Blessing Village played their train games.

How does the story continue? Find the answer in this episode of #AditSopoJarwo. Watch until the end!


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