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42 Medical Personnel in Jakarta Positive for Corona

KOMPAS.TV - The lack of personal protective equipment puts health workers at great risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

Medical personnel in the country must face risking their lives to save humanity in the midst of the corona pandemic.

The number of patients admitted to hospitals is not balanced with the supply of personal protective equipment for medical personnel.

The risk of transmission from patients to medical personnel is increasing.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Covid-19 Alert Team, Catur Laswanto, confirmed that 42 medical personnel in the capital were infected with the corona virus, as of Monday 23 March.

Through its social media account, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) actively confirmed the news of the death of a colleague who died while on duty dealing with the pandemic.

As of March 24, IDI stated that 8 doctors had died while treating corona cases.

7 people died due to exposure to the virus and another person, due to exhaustion.

The lack of personal protective equipment for medical personnel when treating corona patients is increasingly becoming a problem.

President Joko Widodo ensured that the 105,000 personal protective equipment that had just arrived in Indonesia would immediately be distributed throughout Indonesia.

Not wanting to depend on personal protective equipment, the Moewardi Solo Regional General Hospital produces its own PPE to meet the needs of medical personnel in Central Java.

Using standard manufacturer materials, with a production capacity of 200 clothes per day, the cost is only IDR 50,000 for one PPE, cheaper than the market price of IDR 150,000.

Now at least 1,500 PPE are ready to be supplied to meet the needs of medical personnel in Central Java
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