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22 Protesters of the 1812 Corona Reactive Action, Immediately Taken to the Athlete's House

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - During the dispersal of the 1812 demonstration in the Horse Statue Area, the police arrested a number of people.

A number of people from the 1812 demonstration in the Horse Statue Area were arrested by the police.

From this amateur video, several people arrested by the police were taken to the police post at MH Thamrin, Jakarta.

After giving a warning, the police urged the crowd to retreat.

The police continued to move forward guiding the crowd to retreat.

The crowd was pushed towards Jalan MH Thamrin.

On foot, the police continued to urge the crowd to retreat to the Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta.

The police also continued to remind the masses not to gather.

Grouped together, the demonstrators dispersed on foot.

Apart from encouraging the masses who wanted to demonstrate in the Horse Statue area, the police also towed a truck which was used as a command vehicle for the protesters.

The towed truck is equipped with a number of megaphones pointing to all sides.

There were also a number of banners, one of which said FPI humanitarian post.

The truck was pulled into the Monas area.
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