andriajah Thu May 2020 2 years ago

15 Minute Body Workout Burn Calories Whole Body With Pillows And Walls!

Hi Fi itSKWAD, who doesn't exercise while at home because they don't have exercise equipment? Eits, don't use it as an excuse! Did FitSKWAD know that pillows and walls can actually be used as exercise aids! So in this video, SKWAD Fitness will give you a 15 minute body workout video to burn calories throughout the body with a pillow and a wall! You definitely have pillows and walls at home. Come on, FitSKWAD, let's #ExerciseAtHome with SKWAD Fitness! In this video, there is a warm-up too, you know! So you can warm up directly in the same video! Enjoy FitSKWAD!
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