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11 Police Positive for Covid 19

Karangasem, KOMPASTV - Spraying of disinfectant liquid in all Karangasem police rooms and police dormitories was carried out by the Bali Police's Nusa Agung Safe Operations Task Force

This was done to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 through local transmission within the Karangasem police station

Because according to data from the task force for accelerating the handling of Covid 19 in Karangasem district, of the 45 officers who underwent swab tests, 11 members of the Karangasem police station tested positive for Covid 19 and are currently still undergoing treatment at the Karangasem and Denpasar hospitals.

Even though a number of police officers were exposed to Covid-19, activities and services at the Karangasem Police Station are still running normally, by implementing Covid-19 health protocols such as washing hands and using masks.

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