Thu Jan 2020 2 years ago

10 Minutes Understanding Excel for Job Test Questions

10 Minutes to Understand Excel for Job Test Questions - There are 3 initial formulas that must be understood. First is IF, second is text function and third is vlookup. With just these 3 formulas, you should be able to do Excel questions during job tests and interviews. Try it, okay?

Formula :
1. =if(reference cell, true, false)
2. =left(reference cell, number)
3. =vlookup(reference cell, reference table, column, index)

Complete collection of Excel Formulas - Friends who want to learn Excel quickly, this channel is really suitable, I try to summarize 3 Excel formulas that are often used in company work tests and questions at school in the form of tests and tests or exams, so Friends who are looking for a collection of Excel formulas, just learn here. Hope it is useful.
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